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Electronic Logbook - ELD.

Prometheus provides the best ELD device and service. It has a lot of features, easy-to-use interface and a simple service with unbeatable upgrade options. Very attractive pricing starting from just $10.50* per month.

Prometheus is the only system certified to provide Electronic Logbook (ELD) in United State and Canada. Your customers will not have to be switching system to track and compliant with the government ELD requirement. Prometheus offer everything in the same system and provide you the tools to provide you the best technical support.

The application has constructed an ELD specifically for your needs. We take pride in knowing our customers and the industry in order to provide the most relevant solutions. We have unique goals, and we promise to do everything we can to foster success for you. Ours  companies were built by individual relationships. These relationships have promoted innovation and determination to improve and perfect the ELD. You are the driving force behind ELD Solutions.

* Promotion valid only for the first 12 months of services. $12.95 will be applied after promotion.