Line of Product Supported
by Prometheus

Prometheus tracking system support different types of hardware. These include: vehicle GPS trackers , various personal GPS trackers, as well as mobile applications.

By means of additional hardware in the form of sensors connected to gps tracking device, user of Prometheus vehicle tracking system is able to controlfuel consumption (fuel level sensor, rate-of-flow transmitter, the absolute flow sensor).

As well to monitor key performance indicators of the vehicle status (temperature sensor, alarm status sensor, pressure sensor, sensor of access control, as well various digital sensors).

We support trackers devices for any need

Prometheus gps tracking software solutions are hardware independent and can be used with any device.

To date, our location-based services platform has been integrated with hundreds of tracking devices ranging from those designed for individual tracking, covert tracking, vehicle and fleet management, boat tracking, motorcycle and more. we supported devices for every need.

If you do not find your desired device above let us know and we will glad to work with you to integrate it.

Supported Hardware

Find your hardware

# Device Manufacter
1 AT-12 Autoseeker Electronics
2 BCE FM Light Baltic Car Equipment (BCE)
3 BCE FM Blue Baltic Car Equipment (BCE)
4 BCE FM Tacho Baltic Car Equipment (BCE)
5 GT06 Blueberry Technology
6 Blueberry GT06N Blueberry Technology
7 TR02 Blueberry Technology
8 TR06 Blueberry Technology
9 GT07 Blueberry Technology
10 GT02A Blueberry Technology
11 TR06A Blueberry Technology
12 GT02B Blueberry Technology
13 GT09B Blueberry Technology
14 LMU-2600 Series CalAmp
15 LMU-300 Series CalAmp
16 LMU-700 Series CalAmp
17 LMU-4200 Series CalAmp
18 TTU-2820 Series CalAmp
19 LMU-4520 Series CalAmp
20 LMU-2720 CalAmp
21 ATU-620 CalAmp
22 LMU-4225 CalAmp
23 LMU-1100 Series CalAmp
24 LMU-3000 CalAmp
25 LMU-5000 Series CalAmp
26 LMU-900 Series CalAmp
27 LMU-5000 Series CalAmp
28 TTU-700 Series CalAmp
29 LMU-2820 CalAmp
30 LMU 26G400-G 1000 CalAmp
31 LMU-2700 Series CalAmp
32 LMU-800 Series CalAmp
33 LMU-1200 Series CalAmp
34 CAP Angler-1000 CapNavi
35 CAP WP AVL CapNavi
36 CCTR-800 Carscop
37 cGuard cGuard
38 cGuard Beacon cGuard
39 StarLink Tracker ERM Advanced Telematics
40 Starlink GLONASS ERM Advanced Telematics
41 Zee AVL ERM Advanced Telematics
42 Fort-111 Fort-Telecom
43 FORT-300 Fort-Telecom
44 GL-TR2-M GlobusGPS
45 GL-TR2-M GlobusGPS
46 GL-TR2-S GlobusGPS
47 GL-TR3 GlobusGPS
48 Gosafe G6S Gosafe
49 Gosafe G3S Gosafe
50 Gosafe G717(G7S) Gosafe
51 Proma Sat 1000 Gosafe
52 Gosafe G91I Gosafe
53 Gosafe G3A Gosafe
54 Gosafe G1S Gosafe
55 Gosafe G3C Gosafe
56 Gosafe G91S Gosafe
57 Gosafe 6701 Gosafe
58 Gosafe G71 Gosafe
59 Gosafe G626 Gosafe
60 Gosafe G717 Gosafe
61 iON ULC iRZ Online
62 FindMe F2 iRZ Online
63 iON FM iRZ Online
64 iON PRO/BASE iRZ Online
65 Locarus 702R Locarus
66 Locarus 702S Locarus
67 Locarus 702x Locarus
68 MS PGSM4 Magic System
69 Meitrack VT300/VT310 Meitrack
70 MVT380 Meitrack
71 Meitrack T1 Meitrack
72 MVT600 Meitrack
73 MVT800 Meitrack
74 Meitrack T333 Meitrack
75 MVT340 Meitrack
76 MVT100 Meitrack
77 Meitrack T322 Meitrack
78 Meitrack T311 Meitrack
79 Meitrack T622 Meitrack
80 MVT400 Meitrack
81 Novacom GNS-GLONASS v. 5.0 Novacom Wireless
82 Novacom GNS-TRACK Extended Novacom Wireless
83 Novacom GNS-GLONASS Novacom Wireless
84 Novacom GNS-TRACK Novacom Wireless
85 Omnicomm Optim Omnicomm
86 FAS Standard Omnicomm
87 Omnicomm Light Omnicomm
88 Omnicomm Profi Omnicomm
89 Cellocator CR200 Pointer Telocation
90 Cellocator Cello-F Pointer Telocation
91 Cellocator Compact Security Pointer Telocation
92 Cellocator Compact CAN Pointer Telocation
93 Cellocator CelloTrack Pointer Telocation
94 Cello Track Nano20 Pointer Telocation
95 Queclink GV300 Queclink Wireless Solutions
96 Queclink GV55 Queclink Wireless Solutions
97 Queclink GV200 Queclink Wireless Solutions
98 Queclink GV75 Queclink Wireless Solutions
99 Queclink GL300VC Queclink Wireless Solutions
100 Queclink GV55 Lite Queclink Wireless Solutions
101 Queclink GMT100 Queclink Wireless Solutions
102 Queclink GMT200 Queclink Wireless Solutions
103 Queclink GV65 Lite Queclink Wireless Solutions
104 Queclink GS100 Queclink Wireless Solutions
105 Queclink GV65 Plus Queclink Wireless Solutions
106 Queclink GV200G Queclink Wireless Solutions
107 Queclink GV65 Queclink Wireless Solutions
108 Queclink GV320 Queclink Wireless Solutions
109 GPS Storozh STD Radio Terminal
110 GLONASS Storozh New Radio Terminal
111 NaviTech UTP-1 Radio Terminal
112 GLONASS Storozh PRO Radio Terminal
113 GLONASS Storozh PRO Radio Terminal
114 Navitech Radio Terminal
115 Skipper 01-E/EM Rainbow Technologies
116 Skipper GPRS Rainbow Technologies
117 Skipper 2 Rainbow Technologies
118 Azimuth GSM 5 Rateos
119 Azimuth WIFI 5 Rateos
120 Azimuth GSM Rateos
121 Azimuth Retranslator Rateos
122 Ruptela FM Eco4 Ruptela
123 Ruptela FM Eco4 Light Ruptela
124 Ruptela FM Pro4 Ruptela
125 Ruptela FM Tco4 Ruptela
126 Ruptela FM Tco3 Ruptela
127 Ruptela FM Pro3 Ruptela
128 Ruptela FM Eco3 Ruptela
129 SAT-LITE 2 Satellite Solutions
130 SUPER-LITE Satellite Solutions
131 SAT-PRO Satellite Solutions
132 SAT-LITE Satellite Solutions
133 GPS103-B Shenzhen Coban Electronics
134 Coban GPS303-C Shenzhen Coban Electronics
135 China TK-106 Shenzhen Flycomos
136 Skypatrol Evolution Skypatrol
137 Skypatrol TT8750N Plus Skypatrol
138 Skypatrol TT8850 Skypatrol
139 Skypatrol TT9200 Skypatrol
140 Skypatrol TT9505P Skypatrol
141 Helios Starcom
142 Watchlock Starcom
143 Tetis Starcom
144 Kylos Starcom
145 LCU-500 Starcom
146 StarLine StarLine
147 Suntech ST300 Suntech
148 Suntech ST215 I/E Suntech
149 Suntech ST210 I/E Suntech
150 Suntech ST300R Suntech
151 Suntech ST330 Suntech
152 Suntech ST300H Suntech
153 Suntech ST300K Suntech
154 Suntech STN100 Suntech
155 IntelliTrac A1 Systems and Technology
156 IntelliTrac U1 Systems and Technology
157 IntelliTrac X8 Systems and Technology
158 Teltonika FM1100 Teltonika
159 Teltonika FM1120 Teltonika
160 Teltonika FM1110 Teltonika
161 Teltonika FM1125 Teltonika
162 Teltonika FM1200 Teltonika
163 Teltonika FM5300 Teltonika
164 Teltonika FM1202 Teltonika
165 Teltonika FM2200 Teltonika
166 Teltonika FM5500 Teltonika
167 Teltonika FM1204 Teltonika
168 Teltonika FM3300 Teltonika
169 Teltonika FM3400 Teltonika
170 Teltonika FM3101 Teltonika
171 Teltonika AT1000 Teltonika
172 Teltonika FM1122 Teltonika
173 Teltonika FM3200 Teltonika
174 Teltonika FM4200 Teltonika
175 Teltonika FM4100 Teltonika
176 TS-Serial Thingsys
177 Wonde Proud VT-10 Wonde Proud Technology
178 Wonde Proud VT200 Wonde Proud Technology
179 Wonde Proud VT350 Wonde Proud Technology
180 Wonde Proud OT10 Lite Wonde Proud Technology
181 Wonde Proud VT300 Wonde Proud Technology
182 Wonlex Watches Wonlex Technology CO., LTD
183 Xexun TK-103 Xexun
184 XT-008 Xexun
185 Xexun TK103-2 Xexun
186 OsmAnd Traccar Ltd

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